Want to Know What a Roofer Is Capable Of?


There are various different kinds of roofer jobs, such as estimation work for the installation of roofing materials, shingle installers, tile removers, and even tar applicators are but a few of the roofing jobs available. With rubber roofs, one of the most physically demanding jobs is spreading pea stone, and on green roofing systems, installation of sod on top of a waterproof membrane is also a demanding job.


One of the most important jobs is that of an estimator, this is someone that also acts as a crew foreman and will meet potential customers and give them an estimate for a roofing job. Should this estimate be too high, they could lose the job to another cheaper roofing company. However, should their estimate be too low, the job will not create a profit for the roofer, or the homeowner could get angry when presented with a higher bill at the end of the job.


Because the estimator is generally the first person a customer meets, the cost of all of the materials, in addition to warranty information has to be understood by the estimator, in order for them to give the correct information to the customer. On some of the roofs they work on, the old roof may have to be removed, however, this will be the job of the tear off crew.


These jobs include removing all the old shingles, tiles etc. The roofing material, usually plywood, must be taken off in order to expose the rafters too. The roof will then be rebuilt by a team of roofers that have carpentry skills. Once this has been done, it will then be covered in felt paper and shingles, tiles etc. This is usually done using an air nail gun, and not with the traditional hammer and nail method, which makes the job go much faster.



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