Inspection Tips Offered by a Reputable Roofing Contractor

Have you ever thought about the condition of your roof? Well, if you are like most people, you probably don’t pay any attention to it. However, you really need to start thinking about it more often and inspect it twice a year. Those inspections should be done in spring and fall, so if there are any issues, you can contact a professional roofing contractor and get them fixed. So, if you want to know how to look for signs of arising problems, you should read the guide below.

Interior Roof Inspections

Your regular inspection should start with the interior of your house. You need to go to the attic and notice if there are any signs of leaks, dark spots, or trails. Also, check whether light is coming through any holes in the ceiling and if there are any places where the roof deck is sagging.

Exterior Roof Inspections

When you complete your check up indoors, you must go and see the condition of the roof on the outside. This task not as easy as the previous one, so you may want to ask a professional for assistance. But in case you want to do it on your own, be extra careful. You need to start by looking for any place with extra mold, rot, or moisture. Also, see whether there are any missing or cracked shingles and shingle granules. The last one can clog the downspouts, which can lead to some serious property damage. The materials around the chimney vents and pipes are another area on which you should focus. It’s a bad sign if they are loose. Finally, when you are getting back to the ground, see whether the gutters and the downspouts are well-attached and if the drains are clean and water can exit them.

 If you need a repair or someone to do the inspection for you, make sure to contact a reliable roofing contractor like Weaver Roofing. In case you live in Sharpsburg, GA, you can hire us a for the job by calling (770) 301-2534.


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